Sunday Snack Preview

It may be Monday tomorrow, but you’ll have another Guest Post to brighten the beginning of your week.  Longtime RouxBarb inspiration and all around superwoman Angela will share a Thanksgiving themed post.

In the meantime, here’s a few snapshots from the weekend to tide you over.  First up is dinner tonight – Cabbage casserole (think spanish rice, but with cabbage instead), baked parmesan kale chips, and fresh avocado with lemon juice.

Then we’ll finish off with a little brown sugar…Brown Sugar Bear that is, aka Fishy, and little Rufus posing for a fall photo shoot.

No food here…just a little something sweet.


6 responses to “Sunday Snack Preview

  1. Mmmmmm. It’s a cruciferous vegetable extravaganza! It all looks wonderful – especially the cabbage. And, the dogs look amazing. Are these for the holiday cards?
    Superwoman (I like the sound of that!)

    • Sometimes I send out spring holiday cards, but never fall/winter ones. Way too much going on for that. Just pretend you got this in the mail. Looking forward to tomorrow 😉

  2. Omg, I just skipped straight down to the photos. I can’t lie. Love them both!

  3. This looks like something I could eat and would like to try. Are you going to make it for me this weekend? 😉 Can’t do the kidney beans or tortillas tho.

    • I just put the tortillas in to soak up the juice, so easy enough to leave them out. I could swap broccoli slaw for the beans. Will probably be sick of it by Friday, though!

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