Have Pumpkin, Will Pancake

If pumpkin will save me from the apocalypse, then I’m all set. I came to the realization that I am a pumpkin hoarder while cleaning out (or sort of cleaning out) the pantry last week. It’s not my fault, though. It’s a distribution problem, a supply and demand issue. 

Right after the end-of-the-year holidays canned pumpkin goes on sale and then disappears, not to be seen again until the following October, and I happen to LOVE pumpkin so I snatch it up. Problem is that it’s such a precious commodity I am reluctant to use it. I just let it sit there on the shelf, smiling smugly to myself about my incredible resourcefulness, until along about August when I realize pumpkin season is nearly upon us again and I have a small warehouse of it already at my disposal.  Throw in a quiet, rainy holiday and I am practically driven to make pumpkin pancakes.  Whole wheat buttermilk pumpkin pancakes to be specific. 

I found the recipe (and some lovely pictures) here and pretty much followed it exactly, except that I used a tad more sugar because I mostly eat my pancakes plain (more on that in a moment).  If I make these again I’ll probably use more spices – maybe double – I like things spicy. The batter is thick (which I love) and the recipe makes approximately 25 small pancakes.  My two pancake tips are as follows:

  1. Sift all the dry ingredients together (except the sugar) several times.  I sift 5 times.  Mix all the wet ingredients together (including pumpkin and then the sugar). Then combine the wet and the dry ingredients and do not over mix! It is OK for the batter to be slightly lumpy. Beating the crap out of your pancake batter will NOT make them fluffier. Trust me.
  2. Let the batter sit for a few minutes before using it.  This gives the baking soda and powder time to fluff up the batter. 

But wait, there’s more…My favorite thing to do with pancakes, especially nice, spicy, fluffy ones like these, is to freeze the left overs and then when I’m ready for a few, toast them in the toaster individually. They stay nice and fluffy inside and have a slightly crispy outside. Absolutely better than they are fresh off the griddle, in my opinion.  

These pancakes are practically healthy, y’all, and super yummy, and they go great with a coconut mocha frappucino on a delightfully rainy holiday.


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