POP QUIZ: What is/was your mother’s favorite food?

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I pose the following question/pop-quiz: What is (or was) your mother’s favorite food (aside from dessert)? Click to read the rest of Mother’s Favorite


Books and Brussels Sprouts

Salad was the theme for our book club meeting last week – not the book, the food.  I hosted and made salads.  It’s not easy to come up with menus these days what with everyone’s food issues/restrictions/allergies/phobias/diets/dislikes, myself included, so it’s always an interesting challenge.  Click to read the rest of Books and Brussels Sprouts

GUEST POST: When Iron Chef Goes Horribly Wrong

Growing up, everyone has had a concoction that just defies logic.  I heard legends of a lime jello and tuna fish salad as a child, but I had never experienced a Grandma-playing-Iron-Chef meal.  Click to read the rest of Iron Chef

GUEST POST: It’s Not Nice to Fool with Thanksgiving Dinner

       Remember that Chiffon margarine commercial from the 1970s? Oh, right . . . that was 35 plus years ago. Click to read the rest of It’s Not Nice

Sunday Snack Preview

It may be Monday tomorrow, but you’ll have another Guest Post to brighten the beginning of your week.  Longtime RouxBarb inspiration and all around superwoman Angela will share a Thanksgiving themed post.

In the meantime, here’s a few snapshots from the weekend to tide you over.  Click to read the rest of Sunday Snack Preview

GUEST POST: Reality Bites

As RouxBarb’s first guest poster, I am so excited to tell you about the meal I cooked for my family last night. They LOVED it, as they always do when I make this particular feast. They all come to the table with great enthusiasm and dig in, and thank me profusely afterwards. Click to read the rest of Reality Bites