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Jalapeno Escape Hatch

For Jack it was the beanstalk.  For Charlie it was the chocolate factory. Click to read the rest of Escape Hatch


Have Pumpkin, Will Pancake

If pumpkin will save me from the apocalypse, then I’m all set. I came to the realization that I am a pumpkin hoarder while cleaning out (or sort of cleaning out) the pantry last week. Click to read the rest of Pumpkin

Disappointment Makes Great Cake

Apparently the people down at Cook’s Warehouse do not hang on my every word, which I find a little surprising considering how much money I spend there, Click to read the rest of Cake

Barbucks “Suck-It” Frappucino

Behold the “Starbucks Can Suck-It” frappucino: Click to read the rest of Barbucks

GUEST POST: When Iron Chef Goes Horribly Wrong

Growing up, everyone has had a concoction that just defies logic.  I heard legends of a lime jello and tuna fish salad as a child, but I had never experienced a Grandma-playing-Iron-Chef meal.  Click to read the rest of Iron Chef

GUEST POST: It’s Not Nice to Fool with Thanksgiving Dinner

       Remember that Chiffon margarine commercial from the 1970s? Oh, right . . . that was 35 plus years ago. Click to read the rest of It’s Not Nice

Sunday Snack Preview

It may be Monday tomorrow, but you’ll have another Guest Post to brighten the beginning of your week.  Longtime RouxBarb inspiration and all around superwoman Angela will share a Thanksgiving themed post.

In the meantime, here’s a few snapshots from the weekend to tide you over.  Click to read the rest of Sunday Snack Preview